The Hyfe Story

Hyfe is a team collaboration between people and institutions who contribute their skills and experience to build a tool that can help individuals and health professionals track cough as part of wider public health efforts.

The cough tracker was not originally designed for Covid19. But the pandemic accelerated the team’s decision to get it to market fast as we believe cough tracking - identification, quantification, and eventually disease classification - to help  people stay on top of their health and a potentially impactful tool in the global response to public health crises.

Hyfe is an impact-first initiative. This tool does not monetize anything and is not making any money. It is currently self-funded and the team is actively trying to identify sufficient funds to keep it free to use and eliminate any monetization pressure.

The team is committed to provide a perpetual free-to-use license of this tool to any public health institution that would like to deploy it in their own efforts as well as a perpetual free-to-use license across low and middle income countries.


Image of Joe Brew. Hyfe - Hyfe was founded to transform healthcare and impact global health through acoustic epidemiology

Joe Brew

Co-Founder & CEO

Data scientist with a background in public health and economics. He has worked for several public health agencies and research groups, as well as private ventures in data analytics and consulting. His main areas of interest are the crossroads of technology, development, and infectious disease surveillance.

Image of Paul Rieger. Hyfe - Founded to transform healthcare and impact global health through acoustic epidemiology

Paul Rieger

Co-Founder & Product

Seasoned entrepreneur and executive focused on pragmatic approaches to integrate new technologies into existing businesses and the creation of scalable business models. He is the managing director at Centiva Health and a board member at HIT Foundation. Previously, Paul lead Business Development Europe at NEM Foundation and founded a software company that developed enterprise-grade software as a service products.

Image of Iulian Circo. Hyfe - AI for humans: save lives, eradicate disease, and stop the next pandemic

Iulian Circo

Co-Founder & Strategy

Serial entrepreneur and veteran humanitarian specialized in building high-stake businesses that use exponential technology to achieve impact at scale. He co-founded Proof of Impact and is involved with other ambitious, impact-driven businesses world-wide as co-founder, investor or adviser.

Image of Reid Moorsmith. Hyfe - Resources for Hyfe Research Partners

Reid Moorsmith

Business Development

Global health anthropologist who translates consumer wants and needs into product and market-building opportunities for startups and big development agencies. His areas of interest and expertise include the interface between individual decision-making and complex systems, health tech at the bottom of the pyramid, and building teams that are cohesive, accountable, and fulfilled.

Image of Dr. Yu Shiu. Hyfe - Cough Data, Remotely and at scale

Dr. Yu Shiu

Artificial intelligence

Scientist that specializes in acoustics of human speech, singing and wildlife animal sounds. He is also a software engineer that applies machine learning algorithms, such as deep neural networks, to understand sounds. He holds a doctoral degree on digital signal processing and has participated in several passive acoustic monitoring projects on wildlife and its habitat.

Image of Dr. Sara Keen. Hyfe - Hyfe AI detects and tracks cough in real-time, remotely and at scale

Dr. Sara Keen

Artificial intelligence

Over 10 years of experience in digital signal processing and acoustic research. Prior to joining the Hyfe team, she applied her engineering background to address diverse ecological and behavioral questions, and her past work has entailed analysis of underwater, terrestrial, and underground soundscapes, bird song, elephant rumbles, and human speech. Her fields of expertise include using spectrogram-based pattern recognition techniques and machine learning approaches to detect and classify distinct acoustic signals.

Image of Dmytro Gorobchenko. Hyfe - Measure cough as an objective clinical finding

Dmytro Gorobchenko

Lead Engineer

Over 12 years of experience in the IT industry. He has implemented more than 10 software projects successfully and has established himself as a highly effective team lead. His previous works include a cloud-based B2B SaaS, a digital audio workstation and a high-end surface control system for post-production audio processing.

Image of Kate Kimani. Hyfe - Respiratory Care that Just Works

Kate Kimani


Senior software engineer with a decade of industry experience working in fintech and logistics focused startups.
She is an active contributor in the tech community in Nairobi, where she has been co-organizing PyConKE conferences and meetups.
Kate is passionate about social justice and seeks to always use technology to improve the wellbeing of the community around her and by extension the world.



Image of Rediet Abebe. Hyfe - Take control of your respiratory health

Rediet Abebe - AI, Algorithms & Social Good

Rediet Abebe is a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows and holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Cornell University. Her research is broadly in the fields of artificial intelligence and algorithms, with a focus on their applications social good. Abebe co-founded and co-organizes Mechanism Design for Social Good (MD4SG), a multi-institutional and interdisciplinary research initiative, and Black in AI, a non-profit organization tackling representation and inclusion issues in the field.

Image of Eberhard Scheuer. Hyfe - By using artificial intelligence, Hyfe tracks cough frequency and helps you identify cough trends.

Eberhard Scheuer - e-health & MedTech

Eberhard Scheuer holds a Ph.D. in psychology and views healthcare always from the patient’s point of view. He has been a researcher, lecturer, therapist, digital health entrepreneur, and networker for two decades. He started to use tokens in order to change human behavior in the early 90’s.

Image of Simon Grandjean Lapierre. Hyfe - Resources for Hyfe Research Partners

Simon Grandjean Lapierre - diagnostic & clinical medicine

Simon Grandjean Lapierre, M.D. specializes in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Medical Microbiology and Diagnostics. He holds positions at the Université de Montréal and the Montreal University Hospital Research Center. He is passionate about using technology to get health care to under-served populations and remote settings.