Guide to the Hyfe Cough Tracker App

This page describes how the Hyfe Cough Tracker App works and what features it has. It provides instructions on how to use the app and describes some of the most common use cases.

Install and Set Up

Get help setting it up by watching this video, or by following the steps below.

Step 1: Download and install the app

To install the app on the device the user needs to open the Play Store application then tap on the search field and type Hyfe Cough Tracker.  

After clicking on the search button on the keyboard Play Store will show a list of applications. User needs to click on the Hyfe Cough Tracker app from the list. Then click the Install button and installation will start automatically.  

Step 2: Launch it

Click Open to launch the app.

The app will open and show the onboarding screens below. Click Next and Get Started.

Step 3: Login

Users can login using Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Twitter

Agreement and permissions


Users are required to understand and agree to Hyfe Terms of Use and Hyfe Privacy Policy. The third box is optional.

Microphone Permission

Users are required to enable the app to use the microphone.

Location Permission Screen

Users can allow location.

Camera permission screen

Step 4. Calibration

User is required to complete calibration before using the app. To start, click OK, I’m Ready. User will see (second screen) from 3 to 1 and will be asked to cough.

If the calibration step is successful the user will the screen on the left. If the calibration step is unsuccessful an error message will be shown as in the screen on the right.

User can pass failed calibration on the Main screen after clicking on the Try later button.

After successful calibration, the user redirects to the Main screen.

The main screen of the app opens each time when the user opens the app.

Right after starting the app check couple of conditions to navigate the user correctly:

  1. If a user is not logged in, the app navigates to the Welcome screen.
  2. If the app version is updated app navigates to the Welcome screen.
  3. If the user didn’t complete the agreement, the app navigates to the Agreement screen.
  4. If microphone permission is not granted, the app navigates to the Microphone permission screen.
  5. If the user enables manual recording then the app navigates to the Manual Recording screen.
  6. When the app launches counter == 3 then the app navigates to the Location permission screen.


1. Pause Recording

Users can pause Recording in three ways:

  1. Pause recording with Microphone icon button on the Main screen for 15 mins/1 hour/3 hours.

2. Pause recording in the Cough tracking service notification for 15 min/1 hour/3 hours.

The user resumes Cough tracking in the service notification or in the Pause tracking menu

3. To completely stop cough tracking go to the Recording setting menu

If a user navigates to this screen by clicking on “Hyfe logo” on the home screen, the user should see a counter view (from 3 to 1), if the user navigates to this screen automatically after reopening the app he should not see the counter.

2. Settings

When the user enabled “24/7 recording” the app starts “Recording service” with running for 24/7 param and disable “Bedtime recording” if it was enabled. If the user disabled “24/7 recording” then  “Bedtime recording” becomes enabled automatically.

When the user enables “Bedtime recording”, “Bedtime” and “Wake Up” sections become enabled and “24/7 recording” automatically disabled and vice versa. When the user disables “Bedtime recording” it makes it disabled also disable “Bedtime” and “Wake Up” sections, but it doesn’t affect “24/7 recording”.

When the user clicks on the enabled “Bedtime” section, a time picker appears and the user can select a time for bedtime notification. Same for “Wake up”.

When the user clicks on the disabled “Bedtime” or “Wake up” sections nothing happens.

The scheduled reminder notify the user 15 mins before tracking is scheduled to start.


Users can...

1. Add a note to a specific hour with playback on Day selection.


  • Other category is always selected as a default
  • Can select only 1 category
  • Can’t save notes if there are no characters typed (the OK button is inactive in this case)
  • Can’t save the note if the number of characters exceeds the limit
  • Can’t add more than 5 notes to one selected hour

11. Edit name

The user can add or edit his display name. When the user clicks OK the app should update the remote user object and navigate back.

2. Add a note to a specific hour without playback on the Day selection.

Add a note to a specific hour without playback on the Day selection.

3. Delete note.

4. Edit note.

5. View coughs and notes from Week selection.


  • Can’t add a note to future dates and hours. That’s why on the timeline these days and hours can’t open the detail screen. User has no possibility to click Add note.

6. Add a note for the previous day on the week or month selection.


  • It has to select the time at which he wants to add a note. The default time is 09:00-10:00 or the current time if the user selected current day.
  • If the default hour has already 5 notes, we suggest the user select time manually.
  • If it’s an hour in the future, we can’t select it.

7. Add a note to the current day while he is on week/month selection.

Add a note to the current day while he is on week/month selection.

8. View notes and coughs from Year selection:

  • Can’t add notes from the 'Year' selection.
  • Cough/notes labels are not clickable.

9. User can delete non-cough sounds

‍10. User can see and add notes in the chart view:


  • The circles below the chart indicate that there are notes.
  • Can manually move the line on the chart through hours/days and sees the notes below.